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Aftermarket Performance Car Parts

Part Types

Modifications Designed To Rev Up Gearheads

Aftermarket performance car parts can range from quick and easy additions to complex customizations. Simple plug-and-play upgrades can be easily attached to take an older-model car into the future. Most high-end modern rides come with fancy toys like autonomous parallel parking, streaming internet radio and Wi-Fi hotspots. Get your older vehicle up to date with independent aftermarket bells and whistles like a Bluetooth car kit or a backup camera system.

Additional tech modifications include replacing the factory-installed chip, which ensures everything runs in compliance with emissions regulations. Installing a performance chip lets you alter these specs and take control of the fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing and turbo boost-resulting in an instant horsepower increase without getting your hands dirty in the engine compartment. The installation of a performance chip involves connecting to the OBD-II port to access information.

These mods are simple automotive hacks, versus complex performance modifications designed to greatly increase horsepower, handling and braking. Aspiring mechanics who are willing to dig deeper in their engine projects, like swapping cylinder heads or dropping in a performance grind camshaft, can take a motor to the next level. Still, simple modifications like high-flow air intakes, cat-back exhaust systems and high-powered ignition systems, which can be completed with hand tools, will really spark up an engine.

Whether you are restoring a classic Mustang, turning that Chevy Camaro into a true muscle car, or tinkering with a Dodge Viper, NAPA AUTO PARTS carries brands you trust-like a MagnaFlow exhaust, AIRAID air filter kits, an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system and various nitrous oxide systems. Plus, the components you need, including intake cleaners, carburetors, fuel injections, gauges, sensors, switches, ignition systems, intake manifolds. Keep in mind, a vehicle straight from the factory with no modifications is designed to quietly operate-moving air and fuel through the intake, engine and exhaust with a quiet whisper. So before you strip, bang, cut and weld to make room for aftermarket car parts, make sure you are ready for the rip-roaring results!

A Roaring Good Time With High-Performance Auto Parts

Improving an engine's performance and horsepower is all about the ins and outs of airflow. Due to its positioning, a standard air intake draws in warm air for fuel combustion. But a cold air intake pulls in air farther away from the engine, where it's cooler. Because colder air is denser, it produces more power-resulting in increased horsepower from an easy engine upgrade.

Stock exhaust manifolds are designed to meet emissions requirements, over providing optimum horsepower. Replacing these with performance manifolds allows air to move more quickly through the exhaust system. Long-tube headers generate more horsepower at midrange and top RPMs, while short headers deliver improvements at lower RPMs.

To further increase your system's airflow, add a supercharger or turbocharger engine upgrade to yield big horsepower gains. A supercharger gets its power from a belt connected to the engine, which delivers power the instant you hit the gas. A turbocharger, which gets its power from the exhaust system, is more efficient, but produces a delay (turbo lag). Go for double duty with twin-turbo engine systems, where a pair of turbochargers force feeds the motor for an extreme boost.

Engine work is a lot to take in, and often ends in exhaustion. A true performance fanatic likes a challenge, but don't forget to check out the supplies you might need before starting an installation, specific to your vehicle's make and model:

      • Accelerator pumps
      • Air intake restrictor
      • Air cleaner spacer and adapter
      • Belt kits
      • Boot kits
      • Blow-off valve
      • Carburetor jets
      • Carburetor floats
      • Computer programmer
      • Control modules
      • Cooling fan shroud
      • Crankshaft trigger kits
      • Dipsticks
      • Distributor caps and clamps
      • Fuel line
      • Gasket sets
      • Gauge pod
      • Ignition contact set and condenser
      • Intercoolers with brackets and junctions Master cylinder covers
      • Nitrous oxide bottle blanket, heater, valve and nozzles
      • O-ring kits
      • Spark plug wire sets
      • Supercharger heat exchanger
      • Switch kits
      • Throttle lever
      • Timing controller
      • Tube kits
      • Tachometer adapter
      • Transmission pan
      • Turbocharger diaphragm

And finally, customizing a vehicle to amp up the horsepower must quickly be followed by improvements to your brakes and tires, not to mention using high performance fluids, synthetic oils and high-flow (often cleanable, reusable) air filters.

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