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Let's face it: a car can have a fast, well-tuned motor, top-of-the-line electronics, and a flashy paint job, but if it doesn't have wheels, it's not going very far! Whether it's a daily driver, or a prized Mustang with years of TLC, the tires are literally where the rubber meets the road. If a tire fails, it could cause extensive damage to the wheels and undercarriage, so finding the right tires and staying safe in all driving conditions is critical.

Why do tires go flat?

It's not always obvious that a tire is losing air. Newer cars are equipped with pressure sensors that will alert you if the tires are not up to the recommended pressure, but older vehicles rely on the mindfulness of the driver to ensure a safe journey. The most common reason that your tires will leak air is due to a puncture by a sharp object of some kind, usually road debris. Things like screws, nails, glass, industrial nails and metal will stick into the rubber of your tire and allow the air to slowly leak out. If possible, avoid driving through any construction areas, accident sites, or parking lots near dumpsters. Also try to avoid bad road conditions like potholes and road work zones, as uneven road and deep holes can cause issues with your undercarriage and axles.

If you don't notice a foreign object of any kind causing your tires to lose air, you could have a leaky valve stem, or your tires may not have been properly inflated. Be sure to check the PSI for your specific tires when you fill them. It's usually embossed on the wheel during the manufacturing process. Tires also tend to lose pressure in the hotter months, so pay extra attention when doing summer driving.

If you do end up with a low or flat tire and you don't want to change it yourself, your roadside emergency set should contain a wheel air pump and inflation kit to ensure that you can patch the damaged tire inflated so you can get your vehicle to a repair shop safely. NAPA offers everything from foot-operated tire air pumps to small tire air pump compressors you can operate using your vehicle's 12V socket. Your emergency kit should also include a reliable tire pressure gauge to get accurate readings on your tire pressure to avoid under-filling or over-filling. Another alternative are chemical sealants that you can spray into your tire that seal any holes. Trusted brands like NAPA, Slime, and Fix-a-Flat should also be a part of a roadside emergency kit. Be sure to always check the inflation and the air pressure of your tires before you drive, and you'll never be left flat!

What are the best hub caps?

There's no right answer, but there are plenty of options! You know that when it comes to the essential elements of your car's visual appeal, the wheel covers, or hub caps, are the finishing touch that really ties everything together. But hub caps are more than just a good way to dress up your ride. They also cover your wheel and act as a protective barrier against the dirt, rocks, and chemicals your wheels can encounter during everyday driving. Depending on what you prefer, simple hub caps for your Honda Accord, or a flashier hub cap for that Acura RSX, NAPA offers all options - replacement hub caps or an upgrade to something that really makes your ride stand out in a crowd.

Your investment towards the look and well-being of your wheels should assure that those wheel covers hold up, too. No one wants to spend a lot of money on their favorite set of hub caps, only to have them end up on the side of the road or hanging in someone else's man cave! Fortunately, NAPA offers a wide array of hub caps, as well as tools for proper removal and re-attachment to ensure a good fit so your new investment doesn't roll away the next time you hit a pothole.

Hub cap options crafted from high-grade ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a thermoplastic polymer) and stainless steel can also be finished in Chrome or brushed aluminum so your wheel covers will hold up to everyday driving and still polish up at the car wash! NAPA's got your wheels covered, from the every-day hub caps to the extraordinary.

What are tire chains and how do they work?

Icy, snowy roads are among the most difficult to navigate, and if your car isn't equipped with a snow chain or tire chain, the risk increases substantially. Snowchains and snow chains for tires are a crucial part of being well-prepared for the dangers of cold weather and winter driving. Tire chains are coverings for the wheels of a car or truck that allow the wheels to maintain traction on the surface of the road, which can help prevent skidding and accidents. There are two main styles of tire chain, ladder style and diamond style, can mean the difference between driving and sliding during the inclement weather months. NAPA offers our top-of-the-line NAPA brand of tire chains as well as Peerless. Tire chains sold by NAPA can also fit the tires of farm equipment and powersport vehicles such as tractors and ATVs. You can trust that tire chains from NAPA will get you where you want to go, no matter what the weather throws your way.