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Windshield Wiper Arms

Part Types

The Key to Top-Notch Road Visibility

Unobstructed visibility is essential when you're behind the wheel. That's why windshield wipers are an extremely important part of a functioning vehicle. Inoperable or poor-performing wipers become a driving hazard during inclement weather, even if it's a light rain shower.

Every vehicle on the road is exposed to potential water build-up, pollen, bug splatter and general debris, especially those vehicles parked outdoors. Not only will your windshield wipers ensure your line of sight is clear, this automotive safety feature also prevents your ride from existing in a constant state of dust and grime. A quick spritz of your windshield washer fluid and a swipe of your wiper arms will easily wash away any lingering rain beads and scum that might be caked onto the glass.

It's important to maintain your wipers and regularly change out wiper blades; even your rear wipers can succumb to corrosion and electric wiring issues. However, there is a difference between changing out wiper blades and replacing wiper arms. The mechanical arms, usually made of metal or plastic, connect with a rubber or silicone blade that will bend to the contours of your windshield to wipe away thick frost, icy moisture and leaf debris. Windshield wiper arms are usually spring loaded and use pressure to secure the blades in place. Sometimes, the arm can bend or the spring can lose tension, which makes it tricky to perform a quick blade replacement.

Typically, your wiper blades need replaced every six months to a year, while the wiper arms can last much longer. If maintained properly, your wiper arms can last the full lifespan of your vehicle. However, if you notice poor wiping performance even after a blade replacement, then it might be time to change out the wiper arms.

Expert Routine Wiper Maintenance

Depending on the type of wiper arms your vehicle uses, the installation process may vary. If you're unsure what replacement windshield wiper arm or blade you need, check your vehicle's manual for the exact type your that it requires. Using the correct type of wiper arm and blade will prevent any accidental scrapes or cracks on your windshield that could lead to a more costly maintenance fix.

Luckily, windshield wiper maintenance is a perfect, DIY-friendly opportunity for most drivers. Anyone with a few minutes to spare and a fresh set of blades can take on the task, regardless of their automotive experience. Always make sure to pad the windshield with something soft when performing wiper maintenance. If you'd rather leave it to the experts, then reach out to your local NAPA Auto Parts store for friendly guidance and a large selection of wiper products that'll leave your windshield clean and glistening.