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Replacement Wiper Blades & Wiper Refills

Part Types

Improve Your Driving Visibility

Safe driving begins with keeping a clear view of the road ahead. That is why windshield wipers are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on a vehicle. These critical parts not only remove rainwater and even sleet from an average daily commute, but mud splatter when off-roading, grime from city streets splashing up from the road and debris whirling around on countryside routes.

Because windshield wipers are so relied on, a common question is 'How often do I need to replace my wiper blades?' The wipers themselves will not suddenly fail. Instead, they become less effective over time. Direct sun or freezing condensation can cause blades to stiffen, crack, tear or wear down-reducing your vehicle's ability to sweep water off the windshield effectively. Because these elements can vary greatly, there is no set lifespan for a set of wipers. Check these parts often for signs of smearing and uneven edges.

Replace Wipers With Refills

When it is time for your car's windshield wiper replacement, you will want to shop for wiper blade refills or sets. In most cases, the mechanism and the arm of the windshield wipers are still functioning correctly. Replacing the wiper blades is part of routine car maintenance, and one of the easiest updates to make from your driveway or even a parking lot. If the mechanics of your windshield wipers will not activate, NAPA AUTO PARTS sells wiper arms and kits.

Conventional blades, with traditional rubber elements on metal frames, will keep your windshield clean and clear in most rain showers and snowstorms. For harsher weather conditions, upgraded windshield wiper options add a protective layer of heavy-duty rubber. Some brands offer silicone material instead of rubber.

As far as design, beam blades and hybrid wiper blades follow the curvature of modern windshields for maximum contact. Types of connections for these blade sets include hook style, clamp style and pin style. While conventional, beam and hybrid wiper blades largely cover your visibility safety needs, many vehicles have additional wipers that require their own specific style of wiper blades, from headlamps to the rear window or back windshield.

Online Settings & In-Store Specialists

The best windshield wipers are the ones specifically designed and sized to fit your vehicle make and model, including top quality brands like NAPA ExactFit, Bosch and Rain-X. Whether you drive a hatchback like a Subaru Impreza or a fully loaded truck like the GMC Sierra Denali series, NAPA Online can filter the results of auto parts to be compatible with your vehicle. Click the Add New Vehicle button before searching to enter your year, make and model, so the results will be personalized for you.

Even though a wiper blade refill is considered a small part, NAPA knows that every purchase is important. Instructions for how to remove old wipers and attach new windshield wipers should be found in your vehicle's manual and on the packaging for the new product. Head to your local store , where a retail associate can offer you guidance and assistance.

At NAPA AUTO PARTS, we offer the best windshield wiper blades at every price range to fit your needs. Order online to take advantage of free one-day shipping.