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Body Shop Equipment

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Ramp Up Your Repair

Performing automotive repairs at home can be a satisfying part of owning a cherished vehicle. NAPA knows that having the right equipment in your home shop is the first step toward getting a safe job well done. Since most home mechanics don't have access to a hydraulic lift bay, safely accessing the undercarriage of a vehicle requires ramps or a jack and jack stands.

Ramps feature sloped sides and a flat top, and fit under the tires. Once the vehicle is driven to the top of the ramps, you must engage the emergency brake. Jack stands require the use of a vehicle jack. Once the car is raised, the jack stand can be inserted beneath the vehicle's metal frame to allow access. If used properly, jack stands and ramps act as secure lifting systems, so you can safely work under the car.

Jeepers Creepers, Time For An Oil Change

Oil changes are among the most common auto DIY jobs, but you need a few pieces of equipment to get the job done right. Creepers are cushioned dollies with wheels that allow you to maneuver to the perfect position to access the oil drain, which is located on the undercarriage of most vehicles. Once you locate the oil drain, you'll need a receptacle for the used motor oil, so choose any of the drain pans NAPA AUTO PARTS carries. It's a good idea to use a drip pan beneath this as well to minimize oil spills and cleanup.

Before getting started, be sure to research local recycling facilities to deposit used motor oil, or contact a NAPA AUTO PARTS store near you about our oil recycling program. Other shop equipment purchases to consider are creeper seats, which offer a comfortable seat while doing wheel-related jobs like brakes and shocks. Fender covers drape over the edge of the fender to protect the paint while you work under the hood. Bench vises either clamp or screw onto a workbench to grip a tool or part during repairs.

For The Advanced DIYer

Pressure washers can provide amazing assistance to clean off the exterior of your house, but they are even better at soaking down your muddied up ATV, RV and trailer for a great wash. Pressure washers are also perfect for removing stains from oil and grease off your driveway and garage floor. NAPA AUTO PARTS offers an impressive amount of gas- and electric-powered pressure washers ranging from 5, 15, 20 to 40 gallons. Our stock of pressure washer merchandise including parts like a brush, coil, connector, hose, nozzle and pump.

Beyond convenience, you also deserve to have comfort while working hard or chilling out in your home garage. NAPA AUTO PARTS has the exact shop fan you need. We sell small and medium size shop fans that can sit on a work bench, and we offer giant, hefty fans that would need a large dedicated space on the floor. Some shop fans are on extremely sturdy frames with wheels for optimal maneuvering, while others are compact and battery operated with no cords to trip you up. We also stock portable heaters for the home garage that can be powered by electricity, diesel gas or kerosene oil. These garage heaters can range in price from under $100 to over $1,000.

If you're looking to equip your home garage with serious tools for DIY repair jobs, check out NAPA AUTO PARTS' wide selection from name brands like Craftsman, Evercraft, Master Heater, Coast Lighting, Generac and Firman. Shopping for simple, but critical, home garage supplies like shop vacuums and work lights, as well as large mechanical equipment like generators and air compressors, is easy at NAPA AUTO PARTS with our Buy Online, Pick Up In Store program. Add the parts you need to the shopping cart, pay online to check out, and the store will send you an email when the order is ready.