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Auto Shop Supplies

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Who's Going To Clean Up This Mess?

Do you know NAPA AUTO PARTS sells household cleaning products? From bulk commercial cleaning products and industrial cleaning supplies to everyday cleaning items, NAPA AUTO PARTS carries all the standard garage supplies professional mechanics, car enthusiasts and DIY vehicle owners need from brands like Slime, Eagle and NAPA Solutions. From bottle openers and fingernail clippers to bug spray and hand/foot warmers, buy automotive shop supplies online with us. NAPA AUTO PARTS now offers NAPA Rewards. Get one point for every $1 you spend. Sign up today and save!

Some general auto shop supplies can be used in a variety of applications, such as utility wire and mechanics wire, nylon-coated safety cables, cable ties along with cable tie tightening tools, combination locks and cable locks with padlocks and keys. Other automotive materials are designed to get a specific job done, like tire and wheel parts that include coated glass tire counterbalancing beads, wheel weights, tire inner tubes, tire valves with caps, sleeves and extensions, tire repair kits, plugs and patches. Fill your shopping cart with the tiniest items like white tire crayons, nuts and bushings or giant investments like a BendPak Tire Vulcanizer.

From soaking up spills to a quickly wiping off your hands to meticulously scrubbing auto parts, it is important that any garage be well stocked with disposable wipes, reusable shop rags, white terry cloth towels and microfiber cloths for detailing and glass cleaning. NAPA AUTO PARTS sells basic janitorial supplies and the best cleaning materials available:

      • dust pans
      • spray bottles
      • mops or sperate mop handles and mop heads
      • squeegees to clean bugs of windshields and grime off auto shop floors
      • heavy-duty push brooms designed for scrubbing decks and garage floors
      • lawn bags and trash bags (42-gallon and 55-gallon sizes)
      • trash cans and safety waste cans for solvents, waste rags, shavings and other combustible materials
      • buckets (5-gallon pails to mop buckets on coaster wheels with presses to squeeze out excess water)

Don't forget a first aid kit for your home garage! Create an easily accessible stash of adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes, as well as alcohol wipes and antibacterial topical gel to prevent infections in cuts and abrasions from this dirty environment. Your emergency readiness supply should also include a pair of tweezers to remove splinters or metal filings that might have stuck into the skin. Keep eye wash nearby in case chemicals from spraying or debris from sanding get past your safety goggles.

Someone Has A Big Mess On Their Hands

When it comes to cleaning supplies for auto body shops, NAPA knows there are certain materials and tools that only apply to mechanics. For instance, gas station supplies that include gas cans, spouts, splash guards, fuel pump nozzles, swivel couplers and breakaway couplings. Your online shopping cart should also include steel wool pads sold in large quantities, parts trays, plastigages, boot trays to keep garage filth from tracking inside the home and disposable floor mats to keep car interiors clean from your work shoes.

Every mechanic knows it is important to protect the skin from chemical contamination. Also, cleaner liquids and fuel vapors can dry out skin, causing cracked hands that are even more at risk of developing serious issues. That's why NAPA AUTO PARTS offers professional-grade hand cleaner with moisturizers that are guaranteed to safely and effectively remove dirt, grime, grease, oil, paint, ink, adhesives, caulk and grease. We also sell hand conditioner and hand sanitizer, as well as disposable powder-free latex gloves with enhanced finger thickness for extra protection in rugged environments.

From brightly colored, often humorous, novelty signs used to customize garage walls to repair and maintenance manuals for Ford, Toyota, Doge, Honda, Jeep, Mercury, Chevrolet and GMC, NAPA AUTO PARTS is sure to keep you well stocked on shop supplies.