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Air Compressors And Accessories

Part Types

NAPA Takes the Pressure Out of Air Compressor Shopping

The applications and varied uses of standard air compressors are very simple and straight forward. An air compressor found in a home garage is often used to inflate tires on vehicles, including dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, as well as sports equipment like soccer balls and recreational gear like giant floating innertubes. A useful piece of equipment for DIY automotive hobbyists, any air compressor model can provide blasts of high-pressure air to remove dirt, grime, rust and mildew from vehicle components or mechanical tools. Just make sure you are wearing your safety glasses to block flying debris.

For aspiring mechanics, an air compressor helps to operate air tools like a grinder, ratchet or a paint spray gun. This is possible because an air compressor is a pneumatic device that converts power into potential energy stored as pressurized air. The power source can be either an electric motor or a fuel-powered (diesel or gasoline) engine.

The most critical metric indicating if an air compressor will get the job done is the pounds per square inch (psi). The maximum pressure rating lists the greatest pressure your compressor will achieve. Note, most home-garage tools do not require more than 100 psi.

Another important piece of product information is the cubic feet per minute (CFM). This measures an air compressor's ability to push out a specific amount of air. A high CFM rating means your compressor can be pushed to the max in one sitting without having to wait as long for your tank to refill. To learn the difference between dynamic compressors versus positive displacement compressors, dive into this helpful guide by Power & Motion.

The Difference an Air Compressor Can Make

Most portable air compressors on the automotive aftermarket are operated with a gas motor. Being fueled by diesel or gasoline allows this powerful piece of equipment to be cordless. Plug-in electric air compressors range from standard 120-volt motors to heavy-duty 240-volt motors. For the most compact air compressor, go with a model that can plug into your vehicle's 12-volt power outlet. Check out this comprehensive electric tire inflator by Evercraft.

NAPA AUTO PARTS recommends this deluxe, yet manageable 6-Gallon Air Compressor by Craftsman. This popular piece of equipment is portable with stored air, incorporates a maintenance-free oil-free pump and offers a convenient pancake tank position. If your needs are more commercial, our experts recommend the Reciprocating Nitro Air Compressor by NAPA as an affordable and powerful industrial option.

The difference between a single-stage compressor and a two-stage compressor (also called a dual-stage compressor or double-stage compressor) is what you might expect. The two-stage option allows the air to be mostly compressed in the first stage and then highly compressed in the second one. This is the best auto shop air compressor choice because of the many pneumatic hand tools in constant use. The single-stage option is the best air compressor for a home garage or contractor job site.

Accessorize Your Air Compressor

NAPA AUTO PARTS offers a wide range of air compressor accessories and air compressor attachments from pumps and hoses to regulators and air line filters. Add this Air Line Accessory Kit by NAPA to your shopping cart, which includes a standard blow gun with safety nozzle, as well as assorted plugs and couplers. Or, order the Carlyle Air Line Lubricator, which is perfect for automotive service shops with compressed air lines.

One key choice to consider is the size of your air tank, which can range from small (2 gallon to 6 gallon) to medium (10 gallon to 20 gallon) to large (60 gallon to 80 gallon). Keep in mind, a larger tank volume allows for heavier use by the air line drawing on a big reservoir of compressed air. However, these massive stationary tanks make portability impossible and are typically tethered to permanent air lines. Upright tanks take up the smallest amount of floor space, while horizontal tanks (pancake tanks) fit neatly under a workbench.

If you are in the market for an air compressor with accessories, don't go to a discount big-box store where cheap air compressors are designed to break down and need replaced. Whether your need a new shop air compressor or a reliable air compressor for your home garage, offers models with adequate pressure, quick recovery time and quiet operation from top brands like DeWALT, Craftsman and Carlyle.

Take advantage of ordering with for curbside pickup at your neighborhood NAPA store. And, NAPA AUTO PARTS now offers NAPA Rewards. Get one point for every $1 you spend!