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Milwaukee Packout

Packout is Milwaukee's most versatile, durable and customizable modular storage option. Stack and lock your personalized configuration of totes and tool bags to transport, store and organize all your tools.

M18™ PACKOUT™ Six Bay Rapid Charger

VO: Introducing the Milwaukee M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger.


VO: This charger is the first dedicated charging solution compatible with the Packout Modular Storage System.

The Six Bay Rapid Charger charges two batteries simultaneously, up to 40% faster than standard rate chargers.

Charge six M18 XC 5.0 batteries in just three hours, compared to 10 ½ hours of charging on standard rate sequential chargers. Batteries charge one at a time, on each side of the charger, following the direction of the arrows.

Charge, store and manage six batteries to consolidate your charging experience on the job site.

Integrate this charger into your Packout Modular Storage System, and experience unmatched charging portability.

Transport it on top of your Packout stack, mounted horizontally in your vehicle, and bring it throughout the jobsite, utilizing the carrying handle.

Batteries securely latch to the charger to ensure safe travel through the job site.

The M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger includes one USB-A port, allowing users to charge small personal electronics, such as cell phones, headlamps and more.

Step up to the M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger, and experience reduced downtime and unmatched portability.

Garage Solutions



NAPA offers durable and secure storage systems to help organize and store all your tools, hardware and tiny parts. Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, trust NAPA’s storage solutions to organize your garage, shed or shop.

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Keep your space organized with Craftsman Garage Storage. Craftsman offers a full line of Ready-To-Assemble and fully Welded Garage Cabinets as well as VERSATRACK™ Trackwall and accessories to handle any storage need.

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CargoLoc has your garage storage issues covered with innovative and space-saving solutions. Whether it's bikes and kayak hoists, ceiling hooks, and pegboard systems, CargoLoc has you covered.

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VELCRO® brand products have been essential for organization for nearly a century. Highly adaptable and strong, VELCRO® products come in a variety of sizes and applications to help you use your storage space efficiently.

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Open Road

Open Road is the artistic expression that lives at the corner of automotive obsession and American pop culture. Express yourself in your favorite space with fun décor, vintage accents and exciting visual designs.

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Open Road

Cargo X Smart Track

Customize your garage, shop or shed with versatile CargoSmart X-Track Rails. Get organized with a huge variety of hooks, baskets, and straps, in any combination that works for your space! Hardware sold separately.

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No more dark garages, heavy wires and hot work lights. Built to withstand nearly any garage environment, Optilumen LED light kits can retrofit existing lights, mount almost anywhere, and are rated for up to 200,000 hours.

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Optilumen 8ft Strip Retrofit with RKS2440-50

VO: Good morning, Greg with Optilumen. Whitney asked me to bring an eight-foot fixture, so that we could demonstrate to you how our RKS kit works in there.

The RKS kit that we’re offering you uses two strips and a 40-watt driver to replace four 4-foot T8 lamps. Or, it’ll work the same, just for your 8-foot lamps, and a setup like this.

So let’s get started. See how we can take the fixture here that’s already converted to LED tubes to the next generation better product.

We’ll see right now this is pulling 73 watts. And we have 18-watt LED tubes in there.

So we’ll go ahead and disconnect the power, and get started. So, what we’ll do is we’ll remove our LED lamps. And if you have two 8-foot lamps in here, it’s just going to work the same for you.

We’re going to remove our ballast cover, and this gives us access to our supply wires. The power coming in is the only thing that we’re going to need.

So here we’re going to disconnect the wires that go to the ballast. So we’re not going to need any of that anymore.

We’re going to use our driver that has magnets on the back of it, so it holds itself in place as you’re working. Real convenient when you are working and these things are up above your head.

White to white. Black to black. These drivers will work on 120 or 277. Okay, and now we just need to find a way to get our wires out to the surface here.

So in the center of this, we have these tombstones, and that can make for a great opening. Just feed these up. If you don’t have an opening, simply drill a hole and feed these two wires up through.

So now we’re ready to cover our fixture back up. Now the next part is my favorite feature. These magnetically backed strips will hold themselves in place. We can place one strip right in the center of each side here. And we’ll be connecting our supply wires.

It’s a quick connection, so it goes in super easy. And when we don’t have a lens, like in a troffer, we’ll use these lens covers so that you don’t get glare from our LED chips. These just slide right up over. It can help conceal the wiring. Look how that looks.

So we’ve gone from 16 feet of lamp to our two-strip kit, with our 40-watt driver, and we are ready to power it on. That’s all that needs done.

So you look at the light, it is whiter. It’s cleaner looking. Best of all it’s using 30 watts less of electricity. If we take a look now, it’s pulling 44 watts.

And where these LED tubes will last for about 50,000 hours, this product is rated for 200,000 hours, and it is going to last four times as long for you, while cutting your electric bill.

Hey if you have any questions, get a hold of us, we’re happy to tell you more. Thanks a lot.

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NAPA Auto Parts Deals in May 2024