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NAPA Adaptive One Passenger Car Brake Pads Ceramic

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    NAPA Adaptive One Passenger Car Brake Pads Ceramic

    Part #: ADO AD8218
    Line: Adaptive One Brake Pads

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    Product details

    NAPA Adaptive One Passenger Car Brake Pads Ceramic

    Experience the ultimate balance of performance, durability and comfort with NAPA Adaptive One Passenger Car Brake Pads. Their advanced formulation combines two distinct pads to deliver unparalleled braking power, reduction of noise, a consistent pedal feel and minimal dust generation. The outer pad provides exceptional stopping capabilities, while the inner pad ensures a smooth, controlled feel, eliminating sudden or jerky stops. The unique design offers stability and precision in all braking situations.

    The high-friction ceramic composition of these replacement brake pads for cars significantly reduces dust buildup on wheels, maintaining their pristine appearance. Their durable construction guarantees extended lifespan and reliability, even in wet and icy driving conditions, so that you have the confidence to navigate any road with ease. These ceramic brake pads also feature 100% chamfered slots and Chemlon shims, which effectively minimize brake noise. The radial slots with beveled edges enhance friction for improved contact with the rotors.

    Additionally, NRS backing plates, where available, further reduce noise and the potential for separation between the plate and friction material. The anti-corrosion treated steel and rubber-coated clips not only provide better performance and quieter braking, but also protect the calipers and extend their service life. This thoughtful design ensures longevity and cost-effective maintenance.

    NAPA Adaptive One Brake Pads are engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday driving and extreme conditions. Their robust construction ensures exceptional durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing peace of mind. Upgrade your vehicle's stopping power today with these high-quality car brake pads, and experience the difference in every drive.

    Features & Benefits

    Warranty: Standard : Warrantied to be free of defects in workmanship and materials. This Limited Lifetime warranty is not transferable.


    Adaptive One Passenger Car combines the optimum quiet and low-dust characteristics of one-pad formulation with the extra braking power of the other pad for the consistent pedal feel, low-dust and no noise performance every driver wants. Get advantage of an all-ceramic formulation for cleaner wheels, durability, and reliability.

    • NRS Backing Plates, Where Available For Reduced Noise and Reduction In The Potential For Plate To Friction Separation.
    • Inner and outer formulations for consistent pedal feel and safe, smooth stopping
    • Radial Slots with Beveled Edges Improves Friction To Rotor Contact.
    • 100% chamfered and chamfered slots for quiet operation.
    • Chemlon Shims Provide Noise Reduction.
    • Abutment Clips Made Of Anti-Corrosion Treated Steel and Rubber Coating Assists In Providing Better Performance and Quiet Braking (when applicable)
    • Assists in providing better performance and quiet braking and extends pad and caliper life.


    Friction Material Composition Ceramic
    Pad Wear Sensor Included No
    Friction Material Attachment Integrally Molded
    Manufacturer Part Number AD-8218
    Chamfered Edges Yes
    Mounting Hardware Included Yes
    Sub Brand Adaptive One
    VMRS Code 013014029
    Anti Squeal Shim Included Yes
    FMSI Friction 8218
    Quality Level Premium
    Brand NAPA
    Contents 1 Set Of 4 Pads
    Contains VOCs No
    Slotted Yes
    Abutment Clip Included Yes
    SDS Required Yes
    FMSI Steel D1114

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