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Rislone Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner - 16.9oz

Rislone Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner - 16.9oz

Part #: NCB 4720
Line: NAPA Consumer Brands

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Features & Benefits

Warranty: Standard : See Manufacturer's Complete Written Policy


This formula is engineered to help you clean dirty catalytic converters, clear common OBD check engine light (CEL) codes, pass emissions testing and improve the overall health and performance of your fuel system.

Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner has high-performing detergents and heavy-duty cleaning solvents that effectively scrub and remove contaminants, soot, carbon build-up, and oily residue from the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, turbo, EGR, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and exhaust. This, along with other active chemical ingredients, react with the gases created in the combustion process to remove the remaining inorganic deposits. This restores lost function, and with regular use, maintains efficiency.

As fuel is burned contaminating pollution is created that is circulated throughout various vehicle components. The system is designed to be able to handle this during most normal engine operation. The use of poor quality fuel, short driving distance, cold weather, improper maintenance, and component failure can greatly increase the amount of contamination and deposits created inside these systems. This can cause increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel economy, lost power & performance, drivability issues, engine overheating, hard starts, check engine light illumination and premature engine wear.

  • Cleans O2 Lambda oxygen sensor tip.
  • Helps pass emissions smog test, guaranteed.
  • Deodorizes Sulphur (rotten eggs) exhaust smell.
  • Will not void manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.
  • Reduces zinc and phosphorus catalyst contamination, restoring catalytic converter function.
  • Clears OBD OBD-II PID CODES P0420 P0421 P0430 P0431 and turns off Check Engine Light (CEL).
  • Cleans fuel and exhaust system – reduces excess exhaust hydrocarbon, CO and NO X emissions and saves gas.
  • Includes combustion catalyst for improved gas mileage, smoother idling, drivability and better throttle response.
  • Add entire bottle of Fuel, Exhaust & Emissions Systems Cleaner into approximately 1/2 full tank car (1/4 full tank truck) of gasoline.
  • Contains outstanding synthetic detergents to remove IVD intake valve deposits, CCD combustion chamber deposits and other fuel deposits.
  • Specifically designed and safe to use on vehicles which have oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Exceeds EPA compliance performance criteria.


Brand Rislone
Container Size 16.9 fl oz (US)
Removes Water No
Concentrate;Ready To Use Ready to Use
Contents (1) Bottle of Rislone Fuel Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner
Treats Number of Gallons 12
Manufacturer Rislone
Manufacturer Part Number 4720
VMRS Code 053999002
SDS Required Yes
Catalytic Converter Safe Yes

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