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CRC SmartWasher® SW-423 Bioremediating Mobile Parts Washer Kit 15 gal (US)

CRC SmartWasher® SW-423 Bioremediating Mobile Parts Washer Kit 15 gal (US)

Part #: SW SW423
Line: SmartWasher

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Features & Benefits

Warranty: Standard : 1yr./1,500 hour limited warranty from date of purchase for replacement and accessory part (non-consumables). Warranty void if parts are not installed/operated/maintained according to manufacturer's instructions.


Searching for an environmentally friendly parts cleaning machine that helps eliminate hazardous waste? Looking for an effective tool to clean dirty automotive and industrial parts on the job? CRC SmartWasher® has the environmentally friendly cleaning solution! With the CRC SmartWasher® SW-423 Mobile Parts Washer Kit, you’ll have everything you need to start cleaning parts across a variety of applications.
This heavy-duty parts washing kit includes one (1) CRC SmartWasher® SW-23 Mobile Parts and Brake Washer, three (3) 5-gallon jugs of OzzyJuice® SW-4 Heavy Duty Degreasing Solution, and one (1) FL-4 OzzyMat® Multi-Layer Fluid Activation Mat. The unit is designed to professionally clean industrial and automotive parts, including brake parts.

  • Parts Washing Power and Mobility
  • The CRC SmartWasher® SW-423 Mobile Parts Washer Kit ships ready for fast installation, fully assembled at delivery. Simply lay the enclosed OzzyMat® filter into the base of the sink and add the water-based parts cleaning solution into the tank. You are then ready to begin cleaning tough, impacted grease from engine parts, machinery parts, automotive parts, and marine parts. The SW-23 Mobile Parts and Brake Washer is sturdy enough to hold loads up to 400 lbs. To meet the job where needed, move the unit around the floor on the included dolly, featuring durable wheels with locking casters. That’s a time saver!
  • Loaded with Features to Make the Job Easy
  • The CRC SmartWasher® SW-423 Mobile Parts Washer Kit includes a ready to use mobile parts cleaning unit. It’s also loaded with features to thoroughly clean brake parts and hard parts quickly. The adjustable thermostat gives this heated parts washer the versatility to clean at 2 different temperature levels. The flow through brush allows you to scrub parts as needed, while the cleaning liquid continues to rinse. Toggle switch controls, heavy duty HDPE construction, and a flow control timer round out the list of upgrades that come standard to this professional and DIY parts washer.
  • Bioremediation: Heavy Duty Cleaning without the Environmental Impact
  • Many parts washers use chemicals and solvents to clean. These substances can be toxic, caustic, hazardous, and expensive to dispose of safely. In comparison, CRC SmartWasher® is uniquely designed to clean with the included non-toxic, non-flammable, non-polluting OzzyJuice® cleaner and degreaser. OzzyJuice® SW-4 Heavy Duty Degreasing Solution is aqueous, yet highly effective at removing automotive grease, varnish, crude oil, carbon, and a variety of other contaminants.
    At the end of your cleaning job, the dirty cleaning solution simply drains back into the unit tank, where the process of bioremediation begins. Microbes in the solution are activated by the filter mat and begin to “eat” the impurities. The fluid is left clean and ready to use again.
  • Replace the OzzyMat® filter every 30 days and refill the fluid as needed to keep the CRC SmartWasher® system working overtime for you!
    Parts washing is critical to maintenance and repair, in auto shops, metal fabricating facilities, and industrial manufacturing plants. CRC SmartWasher® SW-423 Mobile Parts Washer Kit will deliver the parts washing efficacy you demand while also limiting exposures to harmful chemicals on the floor. It’s the environmentally friendly alternative to parts cleaner solvents.
  • Look to CRC SmartWasher® for eco-friendly cleaning solutions to help grow your business and meet sustainability goals!


Smart Washer Controls Type Toggle Switch Controls With Flow Control Timer
Smart Washer Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Fluid Capacity 15 gal (US)
Smart Washer Fluid Type SW4 Heavy Duty OzzyJuice Degreasing Solution
Tank Width 48 in
VMRS Code 053-014-005
Smart Washer Weight 81 lbs
Smart Washer Filter # FL4 Multilayer Ozzymat Must Be Changed Every 30 Days. A Microbe Impregnated Particulate Trap.
Brand CRC SmartWasher®
Filter Included Yes
Smart Washer Sink Dimensions 27 in. x 23 in. x 8 in.
Contents 1 Smartwasher Parts Washer, 3 Boxes Of SW4 Ozzyjuice Degreasing Solution & 1 FL4 Multilayer Ozzymat
Smart Washer Fluid Capacity 15 gal
Smart Washer Pump Capacity 300 gph
Tank Height 50 in
Pump Included No
Attached Brush No
SDS Required Yes
Smart Washer Overall Dimensions 43 in. x 27 in. x 42 in.
Smart Washer Heater Type 110 Volts, 1000 Watt
Smart Washer Sink Material Molded HDPE
Flexible Hose Yes

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