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NAPA Brake Kit Buying Guide

NAPA Brake Kits

Brake kits from NAPA offer pad and rotor combinations that deliver safe and reliable stopping performance. They’re tailored to individual driving habits and application specific to different vehicles’ needs.

NAPA’s brake kits feature top-selling pads and rotors that are backed by decades of engineering experience, making them the favorite brakes amount technicians nationwide.

These kits offer you a lot more flexibility and better pricing, so it’s much simpler to shop for your next brake job. Call NAPA first, and take advantage of the time and money-saving brake kits available exclusively at your local NAPA Auto Parts store.

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NAPA Brakes Kits offer multiple pad and rotor combinations to provide safe, reliable, and confidence-inspiring stopping performance tailored to your driving needs. Based on decades of brake engineering experience, NAPA Brakes Kits include our technician recommended top-selling products for rotors and pads that can only be found at NAPA Auto Parts.



Disc Brake Pads Options

adaptive one brake pads

Adaptive One Friction Formula

  • Best in class technology for high demand brake torque applications and shortest stopping distances
  • Hybrid ceramic brake pad formulations minimize dust, eliminate noises, and reduce rotor wear
  • Improved rotor contact points for a smooth and consistent brake performance for the life of the pad
  • Long-lasting friction materials extend service intervals and are supported by a lifetime warranty
  • Installation hardware included for most applications
napa premium brake pads

NAPA Premium Friction Formula

  • Better than Original Equipment stopping power for multi-passenger, hauling, and towing needs
  • Silent Guard multi-layer shims and anti-corrosive coatings prevent noise
  • Vehicle specific compounds maintain normal braking distances even during high-heat panic stops
  • Supported by a 24 month/unlimited mileage warranty
  • Installation hardware included for most applications
napa proformer brake pads

NAPA Proformer Friction Formula

  • Good replacement solution designed to meet Original Equipment specifications
  • Rubberized shims and pad material reduce noise and brake dust
  • Chamfered pad surfaces provide confident brake pedal feel
  • Features a 12 month/unlimited mileage warranty
  • Installation hardware included for some applications
napa fleet brake pads

NAPA Fleet Friction Formula

  • Specialty severe-duty formula for everyday high-mileage stop and go usage
  • Retains normal braking performance even under sustained or extreme heat
  • Ideal for all-day use, pursuits, or hauling heavy cargo loads regularly
  • Noise free guarantee for the life of the pads
  • Installation hardware included for most applications

Brake Rotor Disc Options

napa ultra premium coated rotors

NAPA Ultra Premium Coated Rotors

  • Best choice for superior stopping power and vehicles exposed to road salt or wet conditions
  • Polymer coating prevents corrosion that can impact brake pedal feel and cooling characteristics
  • CNC machine finish and carbon alloy metals eliminate vibrations and extend rotor service life
  • NAPA Ultra Premium Coated Rotors are backed by a limited lifetime warranty
napa premium brake rotors

NAPA Premium Rotors

  • A good solution for all vehicles including applications that occasionally tow or carry heavy loads
  • Precision machined surfaces and exact rotor thickness provide consistent brake performance
  • Cooling vane configuration and carbon metallurgy prolong replacement intervals
  • NAPA Premium Rotors feature a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty
napa fleet brake rotors

NAPA Fleet Rotors

  • Specialty rotor with proprietary metal alloys that increase strength and dissipates heat quickly
  • Exactly balanced for vibration free service for the life of the rotor
  • Optimized to be matched with NAPA Fleet brake pads for extended service intervals
  • Our most severe-duty rotor for outstanding performance and reliability