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Avoid A Breakdown. Trust The NAPA Experts.

Even a quick trip across town can leave you stranded on the side of the road if one of your vehicle components fails. An automotive battery, which typically lasts 3 to 5 years, starts the engine and powers the headlights, instrument panel, A/C and more. The alternator kicks in to keep the motor running and maintain power to your electronic systems, and the serpentine belt is essential for engine cooling, power steering and more.

Know what shape your ride is in to avoid a breakdown. A quick three-minute electrical system test by NAPA can identify problems before they become an emergency. Our Test Every Vehicle Program includes inspecting five critical automotive components:

  1. Battery & Connections
  2. Relay/Solenoid
  3. Alternator
  4. Starter
  5. Serpentine Belt

If the FREE five-point inspection by NAPA revels that you need a replacement part, our experts recommend our full line of NAPA Batteries, as well as our remanufactured alternators and starters.

NAPA Batteries

Keep in mind, NAPA will pay you to recycle your battery at one of our Auto Parts stores or Auto Care centers. Just bring a receipt showing the core charge, and NAPA will refund that amount, which is typically $18 to $27. To learn more about why it is important to properly recycle automotive batteries, check out the NAPA Blog article: How To Recycle Car Batteries & Dispose Of Motor Oil

Put Your Vehicle To The Test At NAPA

Stop by a participating NAPA Auto Parts store to take advantage of free electrical system testing and free battery testing. If you prefer to take your vehicle to a NAPA Auto Care center, we recommend scheduling an appointment. The Test Every Vehicle Program is available only at participating locations, and exclusions may apply.

A NAPA Auto Parts store or Auto Care center can test batteries on sedans, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs, fleet vehicles, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, 4-wheelers, golf carts, lawnmowers and more. The NAPA experts use high-tech digital battery load testers that display comprehensive battery health and condition data. Within seconds, you will know if a weak battery just needs a charge, or if your vehicle battery needs replaced.

An automotive alternator can wear out or the components inside can be compromised. A grinding noise under the hood is one sign that your alternator needs replaced. An automotive starter can also fail from common wear and tear. The check engine light coming on or electrical lights dimming are signs that your starter needs replaced. The ASE-certified technicians at NAPA Auto Care are trained to evaluate the electrical systems in a vehicle, and determine the next steps for a complete repair.